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  1. How do you insert a MicroSD card into the NeuTab N7 Pro tablet? Is the metal striping to be face up or down?

  2. I am have trouble getting the 64 GB SD Card to work, when inserted, the tablet tells me that there is no Card in slot. Please Advice . Ed. Sturm

  3. Where can I get a manual for the iRULU 8.9 inch windows tablet, the one in the box says nothing.

  4. Hello I am searching for a replacement touch screen digityser for a Fengxing Taplet the FPC number is MJK -0675 . The comlet part has the wide237mm and 167mm high maybe u can help me .. Best regards Peter Auernheimer

  5. the customer wanted to the warranty of the item .Please reply to the customer as soon as possible

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